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of late night talk show host announcements

It seems to me there are at least two camps spitting feathers over CBS’s announcement.

The first are the obvious indignant trolls who will sound off with the “never going to watch it” posts… you know the sort; they will attack a video or article within seconds of it being posted despite the article being long or the video lasting more than a few seconds.

But they have to let the world know how they feel because, from their position of anonymity they are very important and they have the freedom of speech. You know the sort of troll; either the one who will post the “I hope he dies” when a sportsman is injured or makes vile racist/sexist/hate comments, ‘because freedom of speech’, or the one who just doesn’t get it and is offended by that fact, but doesn’t want to listen to the other side.

The second are, those who hate what they see in the mirror, but instead of doing something about what they see, transfer the blame for their appearance on the mirror and want the mirror smashed.

I have a hard time deciding which or those two groups are the worst.

It is a kind of chicken and egg thing.

of comments below news reports and the filming of accidents

There was a crash on I-275 on Sunday morning, when a vehicle, speeding the wrong way hit a car with four students, head-on and bursting into a fireball. All five were pretty much killed instantly.

A driver was driving Southbound in the right direction and caught the whole thing on her phone. Of course the networks are showing it, of course it is on Youtube and, of course people cannot decide what to be angry about in their public comments. the fact she was filming whilst driving was not, in itself a felony or misdemeanor (apparently), but she did pan down to her dash board at one point, which showed her driving between fifteen and twenty mph over the speed limit.

What is alarming is the comments about her speed don’t seem to have started until several hours after the comments about whether or not she should have been filming and whether or not the media should be posting the video.

Perhaps even more alarming, is that she posted the video to her Facebook page, for friends to see, but doesn’t appear to have contacted the Florida Highway Patrol as a witness, at least not in the eighteen hours or so after the crash.

of the people who comment in my local newspaper

Amused, once again at the number of people who refuse to subscribe, and yet read online and comment on how they won’t read the paper.

Amused at the people who claim the paper is not for the people. 
amused at people who cannot handle other people hav
ing opinions that differ from their own and then claim to be victimized because of it.

Amused at people who cannot understand or accept that individuals change their minds and opinions over time as they learn.

Amused that there are so many pointing fingers and apportioning blame to everyone else, but never looking at how to move forward, how to solve an issue and how to make life better for everyone.

Scared that there are so many people who won’t read and open their minds but instead, repeat parrot-fashion ridiculous, inaccurate propaganda and take this to the polling booth.

Of cinemas, smart phones and guns


Of course one can go on about it being Florida. 

You can also go on about how texting/emailing and doing other stuff on your phone can be unpleasant and annoying, especially in a cinema, especially after the ‘please switch your phone off’ announcement.
And we can argue about guns.

But will anyone talk about the real problem here? 
How have we become belligerent in pretty much any interaction with other people?
How have we become so self absorbed that we think we have the Constitutional right to do pretty much anything we want? 
"you can’t stop me texting because it’s my right"
"you can’t interfere with my enjoyment of this film because it is my right" 
And once again, like the card player in the old saturday morning western, when we feel affronted, we draw our gun and shoot.

Are we really so weak that we cannot do anything without resorting to extreme force?

of e-cigarettes


First off, you want to give up smoking, then stop.  Substituting one bunch of chemicals that you know are bad for you with a bunch of chemicals some sales douche in the mall says are ‘totally safe, yeah’, is not giving up.

Second, you look like the kids smoking Consulate (weak-ass menthol cigarettes that were less like cigarettes than sweet cigarettes you got from the ‘tuck shop’ after school.

How long did it take me to give up?  Less time than it took the doctor to work out the amount I smoked using the loose tobacco to regular cigarettes conversion table after they had converted 12.5 grams to ounces because the table had not been updated to the metric measurements.

Just saying

Robert Reich: American Bile


Not long ago I was walking toward an airport departure gate when a man approached me.

“Are you Robert Reich?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“You’re a Commie dirtbag.” (He actually used a variant of that noun, one that can’t be printed here.)

“I’m sorry?” I thought I had misunderstood him.



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of magazine covers

Every newspaper and news and current affairs show gave wall to wall coverage of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, creating a cult of personality that in some cases encourages young girls to fall in love with this kid and young males to fantasize about revenge against whatever grinds their gears this week, whilst the ‘journalists’ and presenters write, talk and speculate about motives and generally speak to anyone that has something to say about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the hope of, not so much finding the truth or facts, but something the other channel or paper doesn’t have.

How many of those ‘kids’ will actually read Rolling Stone, and how many of the aggrieved ‘adults’ bleating on social media about their disgust have actually bought Rolling Stone more than once since they were in their teens?

And CVS and the other outlets that have made the ‘brave choice’ to boycott the issue, how about taking those crappy tabloids off the shelves, you know the ones that show pictures of the Clintons, the Obamas, the Douglas’, Charles and Camilla and tell stories from their exclusive sources about their multi million dollar divorces, gay affairs, stoat-gobbling and how they are all at death’s door or have tumors the size of baseballs…

Funny how, when it suits, some, ‘Freedom of Speech’ is the first thing they bleat. But when somebody dares to go against the trend and WRITE something of SUBSTANCE…